Monday, November 19, 2018

Christmas Decorating - ornaments, wreaths + decor.

It's that time of year again!
We pulled out our Christmas decorations on the weekend (we did it a little earlier this year as it was our last free weekend for a while) and set up our Christmas tree. 
We have a gorgeous Balsam Hill pre lit tree, (ours is the Baby California Redwood) and it is the most perfect backdrop for our ornaments.

I love pulling out my old decorations each year and also adding a couple of new ones into the mix.
Now that we have the house decorated I'm really excited about the upcoming festive season.

I've put together a few links to some decorations I love.....

I usually stick to a neutral theme. Lots of gold, silver, white and wooden tones.
I love these colours against the green of the tree.

Some years I add in a bright colour here and there. This year I might use bright wrapping paper to add in an accent colour. Pink maybe?

I'm also looking forward to the return of our Elf on the Shelf Melvin. I'm sure he will be getting up to lots of fun and cheeky things this year. I might have bought a couple of cute new accessories for him to use! The boys always get excited to see him and are on their best behaviour ;)

My decorations

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