Friday, March 9, 2018

Artificial hedges - Final touches to our backyard revamp

As you know we started to give the exterior of our house and backyard some love and a bit of a revamp last year. The pool area was the last thing we needed to complete. 

We knew that we wanted to paint the fences, pool pavers and cabana white to tie in with the rest of the outdoor space but the planting around the pool had us stumped. We definitely wanted some greenery in the area but over the last 15 years we had tried so many plants - palms, succulents and climbing jasmine just to name a few but nothing could survive the harsh sun and the fact that the planter box was so shallow.  It would get so hot the roots of the plants would fry no matter how much we watered them.

When we came across the artificial hedges from Garden Wonderland we decided to give them a go after hearing some great reviews. We decided on the Expandable Photinia Green Leaf Trellis 1m x 2m as we liked the size of the leaves and the colour. It was easy to install on our fence. 

  Simon used Nylon Irrigation Hose Saddles from Bunnings to mount each panel on the fence. He used 6 saddles per panel. It is easy to hide the saddles amongst the leaves.

We installed our panels vertically due to the dimensions of our fence but you can choose to install it vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have. We slightly overlapped each panel so the joins weren't as obvious.  I also "faffed" about with some of the leaves to ensure that there were no gaps and the hedge looked even. The hedges are high quality and UV protected. They have been tested to withstand thousands of hours under UV light. 

Some technical data from our job......our 2 fences are different lengths and heights.
Our right wall is 12m long x 1.42 high. 9 trellises cover 10m of the 12m wall. I wanted to still have some of the white fence visible so the greenery wasn't overwhelming.
The left wall is 11.4m long and 1.74m high. 9 trellises covers 9.45m of the 11.4m wall. 
The reason why 9 trellises cover a smaller distance on the left wall is because that wall is higher, meaning those trellises stretch further to reach the height but become narrower as a result.

It was a quick and easy job but it really made a huge difference! All up it probably took Simon 2 hours to install 18 panels.

We are so happy with the difference to the pool area and overall feel of our outdoor space. It just feels fresh, clean and adds to the whole low maintenance, simple vibe we were going for in the backyard. 

Here are some photos of the end result.....

It's always fun to include some Before and After photos to really appreciate the difference..... 









I hope that helps you with any questions you have regarding the artificial hedges we used. 
I'm so happy that this was the last of our jobs to be completed around the house.
It really was the finishing touch for the pool area.


If you are interested in ordering some of Green Photinia Trellis for yourself, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for all of my readers. To receive 15% off your order use the discount code honeyandfizz15 on the check out page of Garden Wonderland Australia's website. The discount code is valid until the end 31st of March 2018. There is also FREE SHIPPING on orders over $250.

It's the perfect short project for a weekend. Let me know if you need any other information! 


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