Sunday, March 4, 2018

Around here lately.....

I've been a little quiet here on the blog and my other social media lately as I just don't seem to find the time to pop in and post like I used to. So today I decided to share a little look at how the house is looking lately. As we've said goodbye to Summer I like to change the rooms up slightly each season. Hey, it's just my thing! Whether that means bringing in items from another room in the house, moving furniture or just adding a new cushion. 
It's the little things that can freshen a space and give it a new look.

Noah's room below had a little makeover. The prints, wall weave and plants were from other rooms but I love how they look grouped together here. His new drawers add extra storage as he needed a little more now that he has started school. Plus the wood injects a little warmth into the neutal space.

 Bed, rug and buffet - Fantastic Furniture
Weave - @holly_marling
Noah pennant - @my_friend_fred
Aloha print - @lonelyseaa
Little Frother print - @thezookeeper__
Coverlet + cushion - Adairs
Rainbow light - bargain shop at Belrose Supercenta
Lamp - Kmart

My little desk space received a refresh with some new Jasmine Dowling prints.
The space is tiny so there's not much to it but I'm loving the peachy tones at the moment.

My sitting room just received a cushion change up. The cushions from the main living room were moved in here for a new look. I'm still loving the pinks and neutral tones. It feels perfect for Autumn.
Last year we put doors on all of our Billy Bookcases in this room and it gives the room a more serene feel.
Just don't open the cupboards! They're full to the brim! Also look how well my plants are doing here.
The devils ivy seems to love this spot!

Bookcases +doors, lounges, rattan ottoman, rattan chairs - Ikea
Tan cushions - Kmart
Pink + neutral cushions - H&M Home
Rug, long multi coloured cushion, large abstract print, orchid - Freedom
Brass Tray - The Brassman - Neutral Bay
Other prints - Etsy, Jasmine Dowling, Olive et Oriel

Jasper's room received a little change up with his bed being moved onto a different wall and a refresh of his artwork. Weave and prints were from other rooms in the house. I added a new plant for some greenery. The main pop of colour comes from his rug. The colours are a gorgeous combination.

Bed and rug  - Fantastic Furniture
Basket - Kmart
Buffet - Ikea
Peace light - Bargain shop at Belrose Supercenta
Weave - Target
Coverlet - Adairs
Peace Cushion - Children of the tribe
J - Typo

The main bedroom stayed the same. Still loving the wall hanging above the bed.
As you know bed linen is my weakness! It really can change the whole feel of the room.
I couldn't resist this green quilt cover and I'm loving the combination with pink pillowcases.

The entrance way is still feeling very summery with my hats and bags so I will have to change that a little when the weather gets cooler. At the moment they're both still getting a work out!

Bed - Domayne
Bed Linen - H&M Home
Pink pillowcases - Adairs
Leopard Euro Pillowcases - Kip & Co
Lamps - Beacon Lighting
Wall hanging + bag - Coven & Co
Gemini print - Sunday Lane
Rug - Freedom
Chandelier - Alfresco Emporium
Bed Bench - made by Simon
Bags - Boho Leather Co

The main living area stayed the same. I just grabbed cushions from other rooms in the house and added a couple of new cushion covers in a dusty pink and a burgundy.

Recliner lounges - Domayne
Alaia Surfboard - made by Simon
Mirrors - Ebay
Pink + Velvet cushions - H&M Home
Tan cushion - Kmart
Rectangle cushion - Adairs
Rug - Home on Darley

That's about it! That's how it's looking around here lately.
How have you been?


  1. Hi Simone, I love your home! Do you know where I can find the buffet in Noah's room? I have looked right through the Fantastic Furniture website but can't seem to spot it. Hopefully it is still available? Any assistance would be great xo

  2. OMG so sorry just spotted it! Duhh.. Thanks for the style inspiration!


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