Saturday, January 6, 2018

Summer Holidays - Gold Coast + Byron Bay.

We started our school holidays by driving to the Gold Coast to catch up with our QLD family before Christmas. We had a lovely relaxed day at their place with an amazing lunch and the cousins catching up and playing in the pool. The next day we all met up at White Water World for a day on the waterslides. As it was still early in the holidays we managed to beat the crowds which was great!

We stayed at Royal Pines Resort as it was near the family and the waterpark. It was such a great place that we will definitely be back. A great deal too if you're a member of NRMA or RACV.

Our room had a beautiful view over the golf course and the Gold Coast skyline.

After a few days we packed up the car, said goodbye and headed to Byron Bay. Along the way we had a little detour to Halycon House at Cabarita Beach. I've been wanting to check it out for a while and it was as lovely and as stylish as I had heard. I'll be back to stay one day.

We then arrived in Byron Bay. We've been coming here for about 12 years and have decided that this will be our last trip here for a while. We are ready for a change and to discover new places. 
So this trip was kind of poignant as we took pleasure in all of our favourite things that we love about Byron. We've got so many amazing memories!

All the boys have loved surfing at The Pass. Noah is following in his brother's footsteps. 
He couldn't get enough!

Our days fell into a routine of beach, eat, repeat. With a trip to town and a wander around the shops when the mood struck us. There are always so many amazing new places popping up in Byron so it is fun to discover something new and revisit old favourites. 

We're now enjoying the rest of the holidays at home. This is my favourite time of year when the days roll into each other and it's all about the fun stuff and no commitments. Bliss!

How have your holidays been so far?

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