Sunday, June 11, 2017

Garden Vibes - update on our front yard makeover.

We are in the midst of giving our front yard a makeover. After years of overgrown trees and jasmine we have pared it all back and are ready to put in something pretty, practical but most of all low maintenance. It has taken quite a while to get it to this bare bones stage. Lots of skip bins, excavators and sawing of tree stumps. It's been a project! But we are on the home straight and I'm so glad we are taking our time with it all and doing things properly this time round. 

Here are some of my inspo garden pics......

Our main priorities with our front yard are trees along the fence to give us privacy from our neighbours. It was a huge shock after we pulled the trees down to see how exposed we felt! We've chosen Tuckeroos (which we have in our backyard) and we feel we can control the height and volume easily if we maintain them every 6 months. We also want to block out road noise and give our house privacy from the street. Plus make an inviting entry way into our home.

We are planting snake plants along the garage wall and filling all the garden beds with a crushed white gravel. The fence is going to be painted white and this will all mesh well with our future plans for our house when we get around to painting it white and cladding it with a natural eco stone in some areas. It's a marathon not a sprint with these plans! After 15 years everything needed a little face lift and after all these years we feel like we know what will work well in this space.

Here is where we are at right now.....

And here is where we started from....

It's been a huge project and Simon has done most of the work himself. I'm sure he will be happy when it's all done! Have you been doing any work in the garden? Any future plans?

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