Saturday, April 15, 2017

Autumn changes at home......

At the start of each season I usually get the urge to do a big clean out and change things up around the house. It might mean moving furniture, changing cushion covers, mixing up the artwork etc
It's just something that comes over me! So the house is usually a huge mess for about a week before I pull everything together with a fresh look. 

This season I wanted to remove all the clutter and anything I didn't love. I was attracted to warm tones, natural fibres and of course plants everywhere! I didn't want to go out and buy a whole lot of stuff to achieve a new look so I looked at what I had and how I could work it a new way. 

You can see the looks I came up with below......

I started with our entry way. Now this is only a small space and I had tried various benches and drawer situations but nothing really worked. So I decided to make it a simple as possible and started with a white bench and white coat rack.

Simon cut down one of our old long benches to create the perfect size. 
We bought the coat rack from Ikea. It was a blank canvas. I wanted this space to always look neat + tidy so it's for my stuff only ;)The boys are still encouraged to put away their things in their own rooms. Only pretty things allowed!

I grabbed the jacket, scarf and hat out of my wardrobe, popped a couple of my bags up and put the cactus that was in one of the boy's rooms on the bench. 

I love the fresh, clean look when you walk in the front door!

Next up was our sitting room, now this space is usually only used by me as we all watch tv and hang out together in our main living room. This is a thorough fare and this wall is one of the first you see as you walk in the house. I wanted it to be interesting, have some muted colour and for it to feel light and airy. I also wanted to add some extra texture to all the white with the rattan chairs.

I'm the ideas girl and Simon is my helper ;)
One thing I haven't learnt to do is hang a gallery wall. Working out measurements and spaces is not for me. I like to go off my eye and how it looks. I can only do this by having Simon hold up the artworks in different positions while I stand back and decide. He loves this! ;)

I knew I wanted a gallery wall but nothing too busy so I had the main, large piece take centre stage and a few others around it. I had my eye on this large framed print from Freedom for ages and watched it get reduced in all the sales and then I snapped it up! The prints surrounding it were some I had in other rooms and I downloaded a few more from Etsy to finish the wall off. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I know it can easily be changed by switching up the prints for a fresh look.

The chairs were an impulse Ikea purchase but they were such a great price I had to have them. They really add a bit of warmth and interest to the white room. The cushions were a mix from other areas of the house and the coffee table, homewares and rug we've had for ages. 
We also added doors to our bookcase to give it a cleaner look. Plants and books add a little colour to that white wall of cupboards.

To give the kitchen a new look I moved the lightbox to another room and restyled the shelves. I added a long fruit bowl and the colours of the fruit give the kitchen an autumn feel.Trailing plants on these shelves are a favourite! Nothing major done here but the change is nice.

I love these cushion cover colours from H&M, the mustard colour gives the living space a really warm feel plus they're velvety and so soft. The morrocan cushion from Adairs is a new addition.
The major  change to this room though is the mirror. I have always loved that gold ornate look mixed with modern furniture. When I saw this mirror on Ebay I knew it would be perfect! The gold and wood texture of the mirror brings warmth and colour to the space. Everything else is as before.

So they're my recent little changes to our home. I'm really on a decluttering/rearranging kick at the moment! I'm loving how everything is looking at the moment. I've still got a few other corners of the house I want to refresh but will probably get to those after the holidays.

Have you made any changes at home lately?

Products can be found here......

Entry way
Bench - Simon made it
Coat rack - Ikea
 Bags - Boho Leather Co
Scarf - H&M

Sitting Room
Large Artwork - Freedom
Frida print - Etsy
Cactus print - Oh Eight Oh Nine
Byron print - Olive Et Oriel
Peony print - Jasmine Dowling
La Luna print - Etsy
Prada Marfa print - Etsy
Rattan chairs - Ikea
Tasselled cushions - Jumbled online

Fruit bowl - Freedom

Living Room
Mirror - Ebay
Cushion Covers - H&M
Morrocan cushion - Adairs

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