Monday, April 10, 2017

A teenagers room refresh - Finn's bedroom update

Finn was away all last week on a school camp where they hiked and did various other activities in the Kangaroo Valley. While his room was empty it gave me a chance to give his bedroom a good tidy and organise it a little better. While I was respectful of his things and his own style touches that he had put on the room I was just going to update a few things for better organisation.

We built our house 15 years ago but in all that time we had never properly organised the wardrobes. Inside his closet there was one rail for hanging, a shelf up the top for various things to be stored and the remaining things were stored on the floor of the wardrobe. This remained tidy for a while but over time the closet door was opened and clothes and other things began to be just thrown in! As I was the one picking the clothes up and rehanging I decided to organise things a little better. 

The majority of Finn's clothes and shoes used to be kept in lockers (you can see this in his old room update) instead of this we put a chest of 3 long drawers in his closet and sold the lockers. I culled all his old and outgrown clothes and got rid of anything not used or unnecessary. This left enough space for another bookcase to give Finn more storage and room to display his shoes. (his latest interest)

I shared a photo on Instagram the other day of Finn's room and had lots of requests to see the rest of his space. Finn wanted a minimalist look that showcased his interests - shoes + music. He kept his clipboards to display his prints and we added a couple more to the walls and above his desk. Finn bought a new, comfier desk chair and styled his shelves himself. He then added a clothes rack to display his favourite tees. The hanging plant was my only contribution! 

I would have loved to add a rug and style up the bed a little more but Finn wanted it kept simple and I went with what he wanted for his space. It makes me happy to see the pride he takes in his room and keeping it tidy.  I also like that it really reflects who he is at this stage in life. 

You can see more photos below........

(all his birthday, christmas and pocket money go towards shoes!)

Bookcases - Ikea

Bed - Fantastic Furniture

Blue coverlet - Kmart

Bedside - Kmart

Clothes Rack - Kmart

Desk - Officeworks

Lamp - Kmart

Artwork - Etsy

White frames - Kmart

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