Monday, February 13, 2017

The weekend - we survived the heat wave!

So we survived the heat wave over the weekend, how did you go?!

It was a very quiet few days we barely got out of the pool!

I've popped up a few photos from the last few days.......

The pool, the hose and anything water related was a hit this weekend.

I kept the bedroom feeling cool and airy with light colours.

We had this platter and a jug of Pimms when friends came over, perfect nibbles while watching the kids in the pool and then joining them!

I bought some new prints for the walls, I am keeping this summery, holiday vibe going!

I was busy packing orders and sending out crystals. Also the full moon over the weekend was perfect for cleaning and charging crystals. I've almost sold out of most things so will be putting a few new pieces up this week.

After lots and lots of use this weekend, the pool toys no longer look like this!
The swan has a busted wing, the pineapple has a hole in it and the donuts are looking super faded. This was their last summer!

Simon and I squeezed in a dinner with friends at a burrito bar. The frozen margaritas were going down a treat in this weather!

How was your weekend? Are you feeling tired and water logged too?

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