Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

With the arrival of our elf "Melvin Mistletoe" at home on Friday morning, the Christmas festivities have begun! This is our first year of "Elf on the Shelf" and the boys were very excited to see Melvin.

They are on their best behaviour at the moment ;)

The boys and I made "Reindeer Bark" after school on Friday. White melted chocolate, pretzels for antlers, mini M+M's for the nose and candy eyes that I picked up from the supermarket. We then added a few sprinkles for colour.  So yum and a fun activity to do with the kids.

We also started on a bit of Christmas decorating. I pulled out the ornaments and tree and we all decorated it together. I let the boys go and maybe only moved 1 or 2 ornaments in to better places ;)
They were very good with spacing things out and filling up the gaps. It was so sweet to see them stepping back to survey their work. A few of the ornaments we had packed away are now a little old or broken so I want to buy a few new ones before I show you our tree. Also some of the built in lights on our tree are broken so we will use it this year but probably pick up a new one in the sales.

When Noah and I were at the shops the other day we ran into Santa. We got a quick photo but will have to get another one with all of the boys in it.

All in all we are excited for Christmas! 
I'll have another post this week on our christmas decorations and festive touches around the house.

How is your Christmas prep going?

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