Monday, October 31, 2016

Working on the go with Officeworks products.

When I was approached by Officeworks to try out some of their new products that allow you to work on the go I jumped at the chance! As my job allows me to work from home and various other locations I need certain products that help me get things done while I'm out and about. I love that I am not tied down to the traditional office space.

I thought I would share a few of the different locations that I work from and the products that keep me mobile yet connected to my work. I keep all of my tech equipment in this padded Targus Legend IQ Backpack so I can move locations easily with no damage to my laptop and there are so many specific compartments for chargers and wires that everything is organised and nothing gets left behind.

Outside at home
As Summer approaches it's great to create a little workspace outside to take advantage of the warm weather and fresh air. I set myself up with laptop, phone, head phones and power pack and get some work done. Being outside means I'm not distracted by the housework or all those other jobs that seem to call out to you when you are trying to work from home. Also on the days that Noah is home from kindy I can set him up with a movie and get through some phone calls with no background noise.

My favourite products for outdoors includes -

The Park
Having the flexibility to work on the go it's great to take the advantage of certain products and multitask.  If I have a few urgent emails to answer and also the boys to entertain I will pack everyone up and head to the park. They have fun with the basketball courts and running around and I get to finish off some work. Win, Win!

My favourite products for the park are the -

*Otterbox protector case for iPad - various ipad covers found here

*iphone case protector - you can find one to suit your phone here

The Car
I think most of us have used our car as an office at one time or another! I like to use the downtime in between appointments, running errands and waiting for school pick up to return phone calls, answer emails and update my blog and social media accounts.

My favourite products to use for this are -

*power bank charger - you can find one to suit your needs here

*headphones - Officeworks have so many to choose from here

*iphone case - find one to suit your phone here
I love the range of colours, styles and features they have. 
(The sheer and the marble are definitely my pick)

The Beach
Sometimes if the weather is amazing and far too tempting to stay inside and get any work done I will set up in a little sheltered spot on one of my favourite beaches and make a little deal with myself.
1 hour of work then I'm free to swim, read a book and take advantage of the sunshine!
This is usually when I have work that can easily be done on my phone or ipad. This mainly consists of writing blog posts, editing photos and answering emails.

The products that I always take are -

*my backpack - keeps everything sand free! If you prefer a different style of bag Officeworks have satchels, laptop sleeves etc. Lots to choose from here

*my trusty power pack - it's tiny and will charge my iphone nearly twice from a flat battery.
It's also got a built in cord to save the hassle from bringing any other cables.

*Lifeproof case for my iphone and ipad to keep my tech safe from water and sand

I really love the wide range of on the go tech accessories at Officeworks and how they give me the luxury of being able to work in so many locations. The products include laptop bags and sleeves, mobile phone and tablet cases and they're available ina range of styles and for a range of different uses, giving you the option of working the way you want.

Working away from a desk keeps work feeling fresh and I'm inspired by everything I see around me.  

They also give me the ability to multitask and use the downtime in between different appointments constructively insteading of wasting it scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram feeds. 

Where is your favourite space to work?
 Do you have a favourite product that helps you get your work done while out and about?
I'd love to hear about it!

This post was a collaboration with Officeworks. All thoughts are my own. 
I only work with companies and products that I truly believe in.


Thanks for leaving a comment :) You just made my day xx

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