Monday, October 3, 2016

Long Weekend Vibes

We spent the long weekend at home enjoying the sun, lots of sport on tv and a trip to the beach.
I enjoyed pottering around the house, watching the boys make a few sweet treats in the kitchen,  and finishing off a couple of books. I've got a list 2 pages long of jobs that need doing in the garden and around the house but it was hard to get motivated. It was more a weekend for rest and relaxation.

Here are a few photos from the weekend.....

We were sent some gelato on Friday afternoon from Gelatissimo so that started the weekend off right.
Candy wonderland gelato with popping candy on top. The boys loved it!

The boys are loving being at the beach again although they are still wearing wetsuits in the water.
 Still a little chilly!

I couldn't resist buying another washed linen quilt cover from Adairs the other day. I have the linen in grey but I'm loving it in this chambray colour. It washes so well and is so comfortable.

We had a couple of sleep ins this weekend and daylight savings is throwing off the boys at bedtime. 
It usually takes a week or two for us to get back into our groove after the time change.

The boys made some white chocolate bark and a cake over the weekend.
 Mini marshmallows and sprinkles are obviously their favourite toppings ;)

Grand final weekend calls for a platter. 
We were going for the Swans on Saturday and the Sharks on Sunday. So happy Cronulla got the win!

Still so happy with my new rug. I'm loving the pops of colour it brings to the living room plus the pattern should be good to hide the dirt and wear and tear that the boys bring!

Mum brought me a few new crystals the other day. I'm looking for a white tray to set them up in but in the meantime they look very pretty here.

We've got another week of school holidays ahead of us which is great! Hopefully the good weather sticks around for us, it makes all the difference when you get be outside in the holidays.

How was your weekend?

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