Thursday, September 1, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas.

It's Father's Day on Sunday and I'm feeling very unorganised!
 So I've put together a Father's Day Gift Guide for anyone else that might need a little inspiration :)

Some of the gifts below are things the boys and I have given Simon in the past and were a hit and others I know he will love.  Undies and socks get a bad rap as presents but they always come in handy! Also a kitchen gadget always seems to be welcomed in our house.

PJ's are something Simon would never think to shop for himself, so occasions like Father's Day are perfect to top up his pj draw.

Both Simon and Finn have Nixon watches and love them. 
They are stylish and a great price point for a nice watch.

We love our Vitamix for making up our Acai Bowls, Bliss Balls and smoothies

I'm sure most dad's undie drawers could use a bit of a spruce up ;)

We came across this on a weekend in the Blue Mountains and it has been a favourite for years. 
So fresh, masculine but not overpowering.

For the gym and days on the run.

Anyone that knows Simon knows that he is always on the phone. The joys of being a Real Estate principal. These are the best headphones for making calls while out and about.

A good compromise for those with a sweet tooth and those trying to be healthy ;)
Anything with ginger is a hit with Simon.

I got Simon a subscription for Christmas and he loves the recipes and ideas he can use for the gym and workouts at home.

When you want to try a few ciders and decide on a new favourite.


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