Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to host a bohemian dinner party

The gorgeous girls at Spell have put together another beautiful, bohemian get together.

Dinner under the stars with a bunch of girlfriends. It all looks perfect!

Here is how it all came together........

We have been loving the concept of the backyard dinner party – not the kind that could only be possible if your best friend runs a catering business, or a wedding venue… something anyone could recreate in their own back yard (hills hoist and all!)
Life is busy. So busy. Sometimes it’s hard to stop, but when you make the effort to create a truly beautiful space it gives you a wonderful excuse to STOP – and enjoy it! And when you create somewhere special like this, and see all your loved ones stopping to enjoy the moment too, well, then it’s all worth it!
We had an amazing night under the stars (and festoon lights!) with a beautiful bunch of ladies who work with me at Spell, girls from the design room, the warehouse and in sales, graphics and marketing. And guess what, we achieved it on a tight budget! We were lucky to loan some beautiful pieces that made it a bit more luxe, but mostly everything was created on a shoestring – so no need to wait for super special occasions, just get out there and do it on any old Friday or Saturday night! And in the meantime… happy pinning!
xx Lucy {+ team Spell}

Isn't it stunning?!
You can read more details here

And see more beautiful Spell events here and here

I am obsessed with that bohemian style at the moment. 
I'm on the endless search for the perfect rug to bring it all together!

All party details and photos via Spell & the Gypsy Collective

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