Friday, June 10, 2016

Vivid Sydney 2016

We made a last minute decision last night to pop into the city to see Vivid.

We wanted to miss the bulk of the crowds (most families visit between 5-30pm - 8.30pm) so we had dinner at home and then drove in and arrived in at The Rocks just after 8pm.

We parked in a parking station in Harrington St which had a flat night rate of $5 and was right in the middle of The Rocks and easy walking distance to everything.

We didn't really have a plan in place, we just decided to wander through The Rocks, walk around Circular Quay to the Opera House and visit a few of the light installations in the Botanic Gardens.

Here is a look at the lights we saw on our walk -

Food and Drinks at the Overseas Passenger Terminal

Just one of the light shows displayed on the Opera House

The Harbour Bridge peeking through

Rainbow cityscape 
-including the Marriot hotel where Simon and I met (we used to work together)

Museum of Contemporary Art

Always Devil Chocolate for me

The view from the Opera House forecourt

The Cathedral of Light in the Botanic Gardens

Customs House

It took us about 3 hours to make our way around as we stopped for photos, hung out in front of buildings to enjoy the light changes, grabbed an ice cream and tried out the interactive lights.

It was quite the excursion! 
The city had a such a great vibe and it was amazing to see everything lit up.

There is so much more to see during Vivid Sydney, and I am planning another trip in to see the lights at Darling Harbour and at the Zoo.

The festival is on until the 18th June.
You can find out more details here

Have you been to see the lights? What was your favourite installation

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  1. Nice photos! I'm looking at all these photos and I want to go again... already been twice this year!


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