Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Mother's Day - 2016

I've had the loveliest Mother's Day being spoilt by my beautiful boys (husband included)

As a present to myself, I couldn't resist buying a few bunches of tulips with the groceries on Friday and the house is full of pink blooms. Gorgeous! 

The boys let me have a little sleep in and then presented me with breakfast, presents + cuddles in bed.
I love the hand made cards the boys make at kindy/school. They always come out with the funniest reasons on why they love you! I always keep the boys hand written cards as they are the best gift ever 

We took our annual photo of our legs in bed and Finn has finally taken over as the tallest. I love having these momentos of how they have grown over the last few years.

My little #1 mum trophy makes the best vase :)

We had an afternoon tea with my mum (Simon's parents are away at the moment) and Simon made a pink pavlova in honour of Mother's Day. He always uses the Donna Hay recipe , he added a splash of pink food colouring this time. His pav's are always delicious and a favourite around here.

Topped with cream, raspberries and a drizzle of passionfruit it was amazing!

A little bag of goodies and a pot of tulips for my mum.

Mother's Day afternoon tea. Champagne + cake is the perfect combination.

Love you Mum!

I received a Methuselah of pink champagne (6 litres!) as one of my gifts.
 I'll have to have a party so I can drink it!

I felt very loved and blessed over the weekend.
How was your weekend? I hope you did something lovely xx


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