Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jasper turns 9.

Jasper has been counting down the days til his birthday for weeks and today he turned 9. 
He was bursting with excitement from the time he opened his eyes this morning until he closed them tonight.  He really had the best day!

He woke up this morning to the usual birthday balloons and he wandered out of his room and found a large Scalextric race car track set up and waiting for him in the living room. It was exactly what he wanted! He had 2 very eager participants in his brothers to race against!

He also received books, a boardgame and a huge bubble wand that he immediately put to use.

We had a party for his friends in the afternoon at our local Flip Out (trampoline place) so I had a cake to make for 15. My instructions were for a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and sour worms, sour patch kids and sour straps on top. Not to everyone's taste but all the kids loved it! ;)

Everyone had the best time and Jasper said he didn't want the day to end. 
Definitely the sign of a good birthday!

Just before bed I realised I hadn't take a photo with the birthday boy so we quickly took one using his favourite Snapchat filter. So cute x

Happy 9th birthday to our beautiful Jasper, we love you.

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