Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Around here lately.....

How was your weekend? I know we are almost halfway through the week but the days are flying by!
I've popped up a few photos from around here lately.......

We've had blue skies and hot days here lately. The humidity has been high and it has been so refreshing jumping into the pool when the heat gets too much. This is my view in the pool when I look up. Such a beautiful colour combination.

Simon has perfected his acai bowls so we're having them a couple of times a week for breakfast.

The plants inside are going great guns. Everything is looking so green and healthy.
I am still in love with our white space with a hint of colour here and there.

Can you spot Dash?

We had a catch up with family at home over the weekend so we decided a couple of platters were in order. One savoury and one dessert.  We made a Mars Bar slice, such an old school treat but so delish! I'll pop the recipe below.

 I decided on a white quilt cover this week. Always a risk when dogs and little boys want to lounge around on the bed ;) Just on the look out for a new piece of art above the bed as the current one is a little small. I really love this one

I made a cake for the boys afternoon tea. Couldn't resist making it look a bit cute!

Here is the recipe I used for the Mars Bar Slice

90g butter
3 x 85g Mars Bars, roughly chopped
3 cups Rice Bubbles
250g milk chocolate block

Prepare a slice tin by lining with baking paper and set aside.
In a glass bowl, place butter and Mars Bars. Heat in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes and remove to stir.
Pour Rice Bubbles into the butter/Mars Bar mixture one cup at a time mix. Mix until all combined.
Press into the slice tin with the back of a large metal spoon. Set aside.
Break the block of chocolate into small squares and microwave for 1 minute and stir for 30 seconds. Heat for 20 seconds more if it doesn't become smooth and creamy.
Pour the melted chocolate over the Rice Bubbles mixture and spread evenly.
Cool in fridge until chocolate hardens. Lift slab out of tray with baking paper and place on cutting board.
Once it is room temperature, cut into squares with a large sharp knife.

How have things been at your place lately?


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  2. All looks beautiful Simone. Love your ever evolving home style!

    The platters look divine also. Is that ice-cream wedges on the dessert platter. Looks yummy!


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