Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 best nine on Instagram

I love sharing photos on Instagram and it is always interesting to see which photos resonate the most with everyone that follows my page @honeyandfizz

The latest craze at the moment is to share your #2015bestnine on Instagram. You can go to this website and find out which were your nine most popular photos this year.

Here's mine.....

It looks like my most liked photos were mainly about food! The fun snacks I make for the kids and cute ideas I try out after seeing them on Pinterest are up there. It has inspired me to look for some more to try.  I'm glad those beautiful peonies made it too! Also who doesn't love birthday balloons?! 

I also looked at the #2015bestnine for my @honeyandfizz_theblog page

Here they are.......

Food, especially cakes were a winner again! Also our bedroom makeover made it in too.

Have you checked out your best nine?

It's so great to have a quick look back over the year!

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