Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting ready for Halloween!

Halloween is coming up soon and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger in our neighbourhood.

When Target approached me to check out their Halloween range I was interested to see what they had and what could be added to the spooky stuff we already had at home.

I picked out some solar pumpkin stakes for the front of the house, a Jack -O'-Lantern string of lights for the front door,  a Halloween sign welcoming Trick or Treaters, spider webs with spiders included, ghosts, rats, Halloween paper plates + serviettes, Halloween lollies (or should it be candy?!) and some costumes.

Trick or Treaters welcome!

The lightbox got a little bit of a spooky make over too.

I love doing a subtle nod to the occasion so each room got a little something to put us in the Halloween spirit. Noah was surprised to see cobwebs and spiders on the mirror ;)

How cute are these Halloween chocolates?!
Such a great bargain with 3 bags for $5. There are some larger pumpkins underneath with chocolate spiders inside. Yum!

Now my boys aren't really into dressing up but they knew they needed a costume to go Trick or Treating or there would be no lollies! 
Target had some AMAZING costumes (both kids + adults) but I grabbed something simple for the boys that could be worn with their own clothes.

Jasper was comfortable in a glow in the dark skeleton t shirt with horns and a pitchfork for extra scariness ;) Noah got the vampire costume but wasn't keen on photos so Jasper tried it on instead.

We usually do a little gathering for the boys and their friends before we go Trick or Treating and I knew these "body part" lollies would be well received. 
Lots of fun eating fingers, noses and brains!

I had also seen these "Mummy" sausages on Pinterest and thought I would give them a try.

They were too easy. I just sliced some arms + legs into a thick sausage and wrapped some puff pastry around it. Instant Mummy! Delicious when dipped into sauce (blood!)
The Halloween plates and serviettes were a cute touch.

Target has a huge range of fantastic Halloween items in store to get you in to a spooky Halloween mood. It really is worth heading in to take a look. The prices are great value too.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What's your go to costume?

Target gave me a Gift Card to shop their Halloween range.
All opinions are my own.

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