Saturday, October 24, 2015

A bright and colourful weekend!

The local show was on last weekend and we took the boys down to check it out.
It had all the usual rides and the boys loved the Dodgem Cars and the big slide especially. 
Finn was the only one brave enough to try the one that went upside down!

Noah won a monkey on the Clowns and didn't put him down all day.
It was so hot out in the sun at the show that when we came home it was time to jump into the pool.

I got a couple of new pool toys for summer and we decided to try them out. They were a hit!

I think I will have to buy a couple more so we are not all fighting over them.
Lark Store has the best selection. You can check them out here

How is the weather at your place?  Have you had a taste of summer yet? 

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