Sunday, August 9, 2015


Our gorgeous boy turned 13 on Friday. 
After the last few weeks it was nice to have a day to celebrate and enjoy with the family.

You're never too old for balloons!
Presents, breakfast than off to school.

Simon and I did a Krispy Kreme run for donuts instead of birthday cake.

A special drink for the birthday boy.
It was only chocolate milk, but the Nutella spread around the rim and sprinkles on top took it to birthday level. Also a little whipped cream to finish.

A little afternoon tea with the grandparents, aunty & cousins after school.
Friday is everyone's day off which worked out well.

Happy birthday Finn!

Donuts instead of cake is always a great idea. Too easy!

He finished his day with a night out at the footy and a win by Manly. Perfect!

The birthday celebrations will continue next week as he will have a party with a few of his friends.

I also couldn't resist digging up a few old photos and reminiscing on those baby years.

He was and still is the sweetest!

Any birthdays in your house this week?


  1. awww happy birthday to your gorgeous boy hun. You are now a mum of a teenager. Doesnt that scare the crap out of you ;) xx

  2. Oh Simone! This is just the sweetest!! A donut cake would make me EVERY TIME. xx

  3. Awww Simone, that looks like the nicest birthday celebration for your gorgeous big boy, perfect! The food & drink all looks amazing & I bet he felt very special :) I also love the baby pics, don't they just melt your heart looking back on?! Hope his recovery is also going well xo


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