Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 Just popping in quickly to let you know what has been happening around here lately.....

Lots of slow days at home while we recover from our various illnesses. Bring on Spring!

I had this button installed. It's helping......  ;)
I bought it on Etsy.

We've had lots of blue skies but it's been absolutely freezing!

Simon had a birthday. 
We went out to lunch at The Grounds. I just love it there, always something new to see.

Loved the attention to details with the little spades on the menu and Simon's lunch served on a shovel!

You can see my other visits to The Grounds here and here

Simon has the sweetest tooth so instead of birthday cake this year I made him the ultimate chocolate concoction. When the boys came home from school we popped a sparkler in and sang happy birthday while we shared them. They were so rich!

They consisted of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate custard, Tim Tam and Flake. So rich!

There were also teddy bear pancakes in bed this week.

But the most significant thing that has been happening around here has been Finn's injury and the impact on our family. I've spoken about it on Facebook and Instagram but in case you didn't know, Finn suffered a major eye injury and lost the vision in his right eye.

He had surgery to save the eye and stop the bleeding and infection and thankfully this was successful.

The whole thing has been scary and emotionally draining but with Finn starting back at school this week, we are returning to a regular routine with is comforting.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely messages. Your support + kindness has been amazing.

So what have you been up to lately? Something slightly less stressful I hope x


  1. Sending much love to your beautiful Finn xx

  2. Oh Simone, that last photo really touched my heart. I have been thinking about you and your lovely boy. Pleased to hear things are progressing well and I only wish for more of the same :)
    Gorgeous photos here, I loved those chocolate pots, what a great idea as something a bit special. And yes, The Grounds is such a nice venue and the food is delicious. I had lunch there with friends on one of the hottest days last Summer and we didn't even notice as they had those overhead sprinklers going...but we still got to sit outside in the sun, was just perfect :) xo


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