Friday, May 29, 2015

My birthday celebrations

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I've had a lovely couple of days celebrating it.

I woke to breakfast in bed, gorgeous flowers, a new camera and some Tella Balls (nutella filled pastries) to have for morning tea. Oh and also a sparkly birthday crown!

All the boys were at school/kindy so Simon and I went out to lunch and decided to try the Coogee Pavilion. It was somewhere I had wanting to go for a while. I really loved the place! 
Both the food and decor were amazing and deserve it's own post (coming soon)

My mum came over for afternoon tea and some champagne.

The boys made me Gummi Bear ice blocks. It was so cute watching them make them.

Mum took me out today for High Tea at Boronia House. We have driven past here for years so it was really lovely to finally go in. The building is so beautiful. 
It was the perfect day to sit and chat over pots of tea and delicious food.

I've really had a great couple of days. 
Don't you love when your birthday celebrations stretch out?!

How's your week been?


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  3. Oh what fab celebrations for your birthday! You were in my neighbourhood at Coogee, isn't it lovely?! Look forward to the post on the Coogee Pavilion, it is amazing what Hemmes has done with that place, very fresh & funky now. Glad you had a lovely time :)


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