Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Day at the Easter Show - 2015

On Thursday we picked the kids up early from school and took them out to the Easter Show. It was a last  minute decision but we thought it would be less crowded than the school holidays and the weather was good so we decided to go for it. We got out there at about 2pm and hit the rides.
There were no lines and no waiting. It was perfect!

It was Noah's first time at the Show and he took to it with gusto and kept up with the big boys.
After the rides, we all needed a Snow Cone before moving on to the Nursery Farm.

We also took in the view of the Show from the ferris wheel.

I also introduced the boys to a Dagwood Dog ( or Corn Dog as they are now known)
I can't say they were fans!

We did a few more rides, watched the Wood Chopping, Rodeo, stunt motorbikes + cars and the finale of the fireworks. Noah was then ready to go home. We'd been there about 8 hours but still didn't fit everything in. So much to see and do!

We didn't really go in with a plan, we just went with the flow. We did the rides at the start as the kids were excited to do them immediately and they are there as soon as you walk in.

We moved on to the Nursery, got a bite to eat, did a loop on the ferris wheel and then moved onto the big stadium to watch a few events. There were about 4 events in a row we were interested in seeing so this was a good opportunity to have a rest, have dinner, chill out and plan a few more things.

We bought some food at the Show but I also took a few of our own snacks and water bottles. It's always good to  have snacks for on the go. I did take the pram for Noah, although he mainly wanted to walk. The pram came in handy for carrying the bags! 

I also used the Sydney Royal Easter Show app to see what was on at certain times and the boys loved walking around with the map they give you at the gate. 

Comfy shoes, hats and sunscreen are also a must plus an umbrella or raincoat for this rainy Easter weather we've been having. Also jumpers to pop on once the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly.

 We drove in and found the traffic fine and the parking easy. I always love having our own car at the end of the day as everyone can relax and sleep on the way home. 

Have you been to the Show this year?
Any tips or must sees?

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