Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making over our bedroom with help from SleepMaker.

Before our renovations I was approached by SleepMaker and given the opportunity to make over our bedroom.  This came at the perfect time as we had had our current mattress for almost 8 years and it was becoming very tired and worn.

 Our sleeps were becoming interrupted and uncomfortable and the mattress was showing the wear of years of kids jumping on it, night visitors and 5 people hanging out on it during the mornings. It was time to upgrade and do a little research into the perfect mattress for us.

This included using the amazing Comfort Selector tool on the SleepMaker website to narrow down the selection.

When we answered the questions we decided we were looking for a mid range mattress for Simon and I. We selected our weight and age range and the size we were interested in. We decided to stick with a queen size so I wouldn't have to replace my linen collection! ;)

On our previous mattress we were both waking up with shoulder and hip pain (towards the end) and we both sleep on our side. We added this information plus the fact that we wanted a medium not too hard, not too soft mattress that didn't move when our partner did.

I loved this idea as I can be a restless sleeper tossing and turning throughout the night and when I finally do drift off I'm woken early by Simon getting out of bed at 5.30am to go to the gym.

After we popped in all the information we were looking for in a mattress into the Comfort Selector tool, it came up with a few choices of mattresses and the closest store that had them in stock so we could test them out.

As a good mattress is so important for sleep and waking up feeling rested and raring to go I really wanted to test the mattresses out properly.

Simon and I went up to our local Domayne at Belrose and tested them out together using a few tips from SleepMaker. 

1. Spend 5-10 minutes on each bed, snuggle down and try to relax.

2. Are you a Side, Back or Tummy sleeper? Most people test beds lying on their back yet they don’t sleep that way. Always lie the same way on the bed as you normally sleep.

3. Heighten your sense of touch by closing your eyes, so you can better concentrate on how your body feels on the bed. The right bed for you will make you feel fully supported with your spine nicely aligned so focus on whether that is how your body feels. If you are feeling naturally comfortable and free of any aches and pressure points, you’re on the way to your own dream world.

4. If you sleep with a partner, it’s best to try the beds with both of you on the bed at the same time. You should each take turns moving around whilst the other lies how they normally sleep. This will allow you to determine how restful your sleep will be and whether you will be impacted by partner movement. It’s important you get a chance to experience what your bed will feel like once you’re home and not in the middle of a store.

5. Combined together, the right bed and pillow option for you will create a haven beyond just a new bed. It is worthwhile considering your pillow options. The height and type of your pillow will affect your spinal alignment. If your new bed is softer or firmer than your previous mattress the change will affect your spinal alignment if you keep the same pillow. We recommend that you review your pillow at the time you pick out your new mattress to ensure you get the total support you need.'

I have to admit this was the most research I've ever done into a mattress. Usually I've just looked in our price range, tested it out for a few seconds and thought "that's comfy" and went for it. This time I know the value of a good restful sleep and wanted to make sure I made the right decision.

After trying out many mattresses and narrowing things down both Simon and I agreed that the SleepMaker Silhouette Mirage in Queen size was the one for us. It's such a personal decision and worth the research and testing.

After the important decision of a mattress was complete, my mind turned to the visual aspect of the room. I knew the house was undergoing a major change,  so I wanted our bedroom to reflect that as well. I put together a mood board to pull together the ideas I had.

I knew I wanted a fresh, natural look to get our room ready for the cooler months coming.
 Mainly a white room, with grey crumpled linen, plants, a new chandelier + artwork for above the bed and touches of gold. I'm keeping my current bedside lamps but I do love the ones above from Domayne. It was all about creating a cosy space with lots of layers.
A welcoming and wonderful space to relax and chill out.

I will be revealing our finished room on Friday and also announcing a fabulous SleepMaker Sleep pack Giveaway! Valued at $700RRP and includes 1 x Quilt, 1 x Mattress Protector and 2 x Pillows.

How do you sleep at night? Side or back sleeper?
Are you due to replace your mattress soon? How do you research the perfect mattress?


  1. I am a tummy sleeper. A perfect mattress for me is with a pillow top. I like sinking into the bed and feeling all the body support. V x

    1. Such a good feeling to sink into a bed! Funny how we all have our set positions for sleep! x

  2. Yes I am researching beds and mattresses right now!

    1. It can be a bit overwhelming but the best tip is just get to a showroom and try everything out! x

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