Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The non chocolate Easter Gift Guide!

With Easter coming up soon, my mind has turned to a few non chocolate Easter gifts you can to prevent an overload of chocolate!

 I know the boys will receive Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny as well as family so I like to get them something a little different to celebrate. Usually that is a new pair of pj's, a book or a game.

Here are a few other cute ideas to go along with the Easter Eggs!

12. Easter eggs

What are your plans for Easter?  Are you going away?
Do you have a gift that you give alongside the chocolate?


  1. We always give some PJ's with the Easter chocolate and maybe a book or something too.

    1. It's a useful gift as the weather gets a bit cooler. Don't know if it's too exciting for the kids though! :)

  2. All the list are cute! Kids really love this.
    Personalized gifts are awesome as well.
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