Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kids Bedrooms - Monochrome and Neutral. Rooms by Sissy + Marley

Kids bedrooms are fun rooms to design and style. 
The latest room to be doing the rounds on the blogs is Adrienne's monochrome room, designed by Sissy + Marley. This shows that the black and white theme is still here and very popular.

Adrienne's Room

I've noticed that most of the Sissy + Marley rooms seem to work to the same formula.  Statement wallpaper, reading nook, cosy rug, animal head on the wall and pattern and texture plays a big part in the finish of their rooms. When you have a winning formula, you stick to it! Obviously colours and themes change for each child due to their age, interests and space.

I also loved this nursery also designed by Sissy + Marley. 
It's simple, fresh and neutral and perfect for a baby in the first year. I like that you can also build on the base over time. Adding colours, new toys and pieces.

Catarina's Nursery

You can see more work by Sissy + Marley here

What do you think?
Are you a fan of monochrome and neutrals for kids rooms? Or do you prefer a bit more colour?


  1. Just gorgeous! I'm just imagining it for my own room though :)

  2. Beautiful!


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