Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria.

The other day Simon, Noah and I had brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria.

It's probably been about 6 months since we were last here and there has been a lot of changes and expansion to The Grounds.

A notable change is the new parking area available. This makes popping in a whole lot easier. There are several levels of parking and parking attendants everywhere to guide you in and find you a spot. Parking is free and has a limit of 2 hours.

There were new food and coffee stalls, a bigger florist and the new restaurant The Potting Shed.
It's such a gorgeous green space to hang out in and there is always something new to discover.

Even though the parking lot was full, the place didn't feel crowded. It is easy to find a space and table for yourself. Also with greenery and hanging plants everywhere, little nooks are created and gives a sense of privacy. We arrived at about 10.30am with no reservation and walked straight in for a table.
 I'm sure it would be different story on the weekends though.

Noah and I loved the banana bread with berries and marscapone. I loved the cute touches like Noah's banana smoothie in a teddy bear mason jar and the quirkiness of my Iced Coffee.  The Iced Coffee comes on a little tray with coffee ice cubes, a shot of coffee, a jug of milk and a syringe of vanilla.

Simon had the big breakfast with sausage, bacon, beans, avocado and toast. It all looked and tasted delicious. I've never seen such thick rashers of bacon!

After eating we had a wander outside, Noah loved the farm animals and Kevin Bacon the pig was his definite favourite followed by the goats.

Before heading home we popped into Salt Meats Cheese next door and grabbed some pasta and sauce to have for dinner. They have lots of fabulous homemade goodies and they also hold pasta making and other cooking classes there.

I would definitely recommend a visit to The Grounds of Alexandria if you haven't been yet. It's a really lovely place,  a visual feast and the food is fantastic too.


  1. One of my favourite places to visit in our local area! Although we visited a few weekends ago, and got there just after 7:30am, and by 8am there was a very long queue for a table!


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