Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wish I were here.....Paris, France

 Wednesday -  Wishing I were here in Paris. 

Simon and I went to Paris 15 years ago so we are definitely due another trip back.
On our trip we did all the tourist sites but this time I would love to wander the streets, eat amazing food and window shop. It sounds perfect!

I loved this post on Paris by The Londoner. You can read it here

How about it? Do you fancy a trip to Paris?
Any tips you'd like to share?

Did I hear that they were thinking of removing the locks as the bridge was falling down?


  1. I believe they do remove the locks every few years. I went 2 years ago and the oldest lock I saw was from 2007. My boyfriend and I made sure to take a photograph of ours, but I have a feeling it won't be there next trip.

    1. I guess they would have to! What a lovely momento of your trip, wouldn't it be amazing if you found it next time. I definitely want to pop one up x

    2. That would be amazing if it were still there. I highly recommend popping one on. We almost didn't do it! Thankfully there are plenty of shops nearby that sell locks. Paris is a magnificent, magical place. I really didn't think I'd love that city as much as I do now. I cannot wait to visit again! Hope you get to go again real soon. :)


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