Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our Christmas - 2014

Christmas is over for another year and it was a fantastic one. The weather was great, the food was delicious and the company was amazing.

It was our turn to host this year and I think we pulled off a great Christmas for everyone. We were pretty busy through out the whole day and I forgot to get a family photo, so we recreated one today before I take the Christmas tree down!

The morning started at around 6.30am when the boys came in to let us know that Santa had been. Santa sacks were burrowed into and we opened presents around the tree.  The boys played with their new presents while Simon and I popped the turkey, pork and veggies in the oven. 

Nibbles were put out and a white Sangria and Pimms station were set up so people could help themselves throughout the day. Family started arriving at around 12pm and we opened more presents, caught up and snacked before lunch.

I had set the table the day before. We hired some trestle tables and chairs so we could all sit together at one table.  Simon and I made the crowns for everyone and instead of bonbons I had little gift bags with trinkets for everyone. Costume jewellery for the ladies, little toys for the kids, mini bottles of scotch for the men. Along with jokes, horoscopes, chocolates etc
I also decided a few days before that I desperately needed pink napkins so I decided to dye some of my white ones. It was too easy!

Lunch and dessert were consumed and we were all ready for a rest!
The kids cooled off in the pool and wore themselves out.Tea and coffee were needed as the day came to an end. Peppermint bark was the perfect accompaniment.
It felt like the day flew by but it was lovely to spend it at home surrounded by family.

We've taken it pretty easy the last few days since Christmas, we were all exhausted!
  Everyone has been happy to potter around at home and there are plenty of new toys to keep everyone entertained. Leftovers have been eaten and we are working away through the Christmas chocolate stash. 

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful one. How was it? Where did you spend it?
Did you get anything exciting for your Christmas gifts?


  1. What a stunning table setting!!! I spent it in Adelaide with my man and my fam and the day went much the same!!! It looks like you had a lovely time :)

  2. Looks amazing, can you share where you hired the tables and chairs from? Thanks

  3. Love the idea of home made bon bon replacements. Genius! Your house is always beautiful x


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