Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our Byron Holiday

We managed to sneak in a lovely week away in Byron before Christmas.
The weather was gorgeous and our time was all about the sand, sun and surf.
After a busy year, it was exactly what we all needed.

We're now back home and deep in the midst of preparation for Christmas Day.
We're hosting at our place this year. Lunch for 14 :)

How is your Christmas prep going?
Do you have a holiday coming up that you are counting down too?


  1. the last picture on the surf board with your son popping the peace sign is honestly the cutest picture i have ever seen... that should be framed huge in your house!!! amazing family

  2. Love Byron, its my hometown. Best place to be in the Summer sunshine:) I woke at 3am worrying about Christmas prep! I am hosting 6 people for lunch, so quite relaxed compared to your 14! Best of luck and Merry Christmas x


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