Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Christmas Wishlist / Gift Guide.

Today I'm joining in with some fabulous bloggers and sharing my Christmas Wishlist / Gift Guide

I've tried to pop in something for everyone so hopefully it will help with some ideas for your Christmas shopping!
I might have even thrown in a few things I want myself ;)

All products can be bought at local online stores so you can skip the crowds.

For her:
1.Weaved wall hanging, 2. Evil eye bracelet, 3. Swan vase,
 4. Clutch

For him:
For the teens:

For the kids:

1. Portable wooden airport, 2. Kubix 100 blocks
3. Soldier bookends, 4. Towel/poncho

I always try to give our boys a mix of clothes, books, something for their rooms and toys as gifts.
Although I find it harder to buy for them as they get older.
 This is where vouchers, gift cards and experiences start to come in.

Have you made a start on your Christmas shopping yet?
I've popped a couple of things away but still need to make a dent in it before the end of year craziness.

I'm joining up with the following bloggers to share our Christmas Wishlists, make sure you pop over and take a look at their suggestions!

Lisa at
Steph at
Lexi at
Nicola at
Clare at
Briar at
Natalie at


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa, yep I think every pool needs one! x

  2. Claire Aristides can do no wrong!! Is it terrible I am coveting those gold Saltwaters for myself? AYE AYE AYE!

    1. I know, she is so clever. I feel the same about the sandals! x

    2. I have the gold salties girls - the best x

  3. Yay double snap on the unicorn! Great minds ;) Oh, and I have those gold salties and love them to bits. And the Honeybake mixer! I've got my eye on that watermelon towel...

  4. Such a perfectly curated list! I especially love the weaved wall fact I might just have to treat myself to one for Christmas!

  5. Love this post.. I would love to see a post just on "Gifts for her"!!!!


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