Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finn turned 12

Finn turned 12 at the beginning of August but the flu and rainy weather delayed us having his party til last weekend. So we have stretched out his birthday celebrations for over a month!

I usually get a bunch of balloons for the boys to wake up to but as Finn is a bit past balloons I decided to do a "birthday door" He woke up to glittery gold and as he walked through,the celebrations began.

The traditional birthday pancake stack for breakfast

  A few pressies than it was off to school. Jasper wrote Finn the sweetest card. I had to keep it and it went straight in the memory box.

We had a donut stack waiting for afternoon tea instead of a bithday cake. 

Finally the sun shone and we took Finn and a few friends to Luna Park. We wanted a small even number so they could go on the rides together. We left the littles at home with Nanna so Simon and I got to chill out in the sun, eat fairy floss and hold the bags!

We stayed til close and the fairy lights came on. We were all exhausted and that was the last of our family birthdays celebrated for the year x

Oh and the birthday door is still up!

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  1. Happy Birthday Finn! You made it such a special day for him, and I love the idea of the donut stack :)


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