Thursday, September 18, 2014

A project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I've had this project on the cards for about 3 years. I remember buying knobs for these drawers from Anthropologie in New York. I've been meaning to update them for so long.

For some reason it has taken me this long to get around to revamping them. I knew I wanted something fast and easy to use and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint came to mind. I knew it would be perfect for this job. You can see my previous use of this product here
Chalk Paint® is a unique decorative paint developed by Annie Sloan in 30 colours made specifically for painting furniture, painting floors, and for giving walls a completely matt, velvety finish.

Chalk Paint® sticks to just about any surface... wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware and much more, inside and outside the home. It dries fast too so you can add second or third coats quickly. 

This was perfect for me as I knew I didn't want to sand, prime or prep the drawers. I just wanted to get straight to painting!

These are drawers in our bedroom that have seen better days. Some handles were missing, one drawer had fallen off and needed to be nailed back on, the colour didn't match anything else.

I wanted to keep them though as they are the perfect size for the space and the drawers are deep and hold lots of clothes.
They desperately needed a revamp though!

Please excuse the quality of the my photos. I got my paint in the afternoon and I was motivated to start straight away. So the light was fading as I took my shots.

While Simon did the dinner and bath routine I slapped on the first coat of paint. I used the Annie Sloan paint brush which spread the paint easily and covered lots of surface. 
It left an ever so slightly rustic finish.

As I was after a smoother finish I did my second coat of paint with a roller. It was perfect! I loved the shade of white.
 I chose Pure White. So clean and fresh.

I finished up for the night having painted the dresser with it's 6 drawers and the matching mirror. With 2 coats on each this used up 3/4 of the 1 litre tin.
In the morning I moved the drawers and mirror back in place and finished off with the clear Annie Sloan Soft Wax. This added a little bit of sheen, protection and durability. I just rubbed it with a soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain.

I was so happy with the finish! The drawers came up so well. 
The whole space feels so lovely and fresh and really light. 

Also the mirror came up fantastically. 
I taped the edges to protect the glass while I was painting. 
The tape came off easily. A quick clean and it was good as new.

I just needed to add new knobs and style up the top of the drawers. There's not much I could do to glam up the tv. 
Even though it's a bit controversial we love to watch a little bit of late night tv in bed.
I am ecstatic with the result. They are like new!

My favourite bit about using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was that I could get straight to it with no sanding or priming as the original colour and finish of the drawers worked perfectly with this product. 

If you have darker or varnished furniture you want to revamp, you may have to give the piece a quick sand before painting.

If you want a more rustic, worn finish you can add water to the paint to make a lighter wash/colour. You can also sand down the piece afterwards to add a little bit of shabbiness.

I really recommend the paint, it was so easy to use.
You can check for Australian stockists here

Have you used the Annie Sloan Chalk paint?


  1. Wow Simone, it looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanks Michelle, I am really happy with the final result x

  2. That stuff is fab! Can I ask where you got the home print from? I love it!,,

    1. Hi Brianna, thanks the finish is great. The print is by Cheryl Rawlings. You can find her on Instagram x

  3. They look incredible! Now you've got me wondering whether I could make revamping some daggy bedsides into a school holiday activity. I'm sure they would look much better white.

    1. Project! I think most things look better with a coat of white paint x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely, caught some of your DIY motivation x

  5. What a difference the paint has made and in just 24 hours! Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks, I think that's what got me motivated. To see such a result in such a short time was so satisfying x

  6. Oh it looks amazing Simone! Do you think it would work on the Ikea Malm pieces with the very thin birch veneer? They can't really be sanded-back/prepped, so thought Annie's might do the trick? Steph x

    1. Thanks Steph, ooh I'm not too sure about veneer as I have only used solid wood pieces. You might have to research that one further. Although maybe a primer before the paint? x

  7. Looks so much more fresh. I love that it was quick. I'm currently painting up a 60/70s cabinet black & greys but it's all primer & enamels. Takes time but it helps I have a painter dad gives me the tools & tips. Love a project! :-)

  8. looks great!
    a year and a half back, i painted my dresser white.
    it's been my favorite piece since!

  9. This looks fantastic! Loving the house print too. x

  10. I'm so impatient when it comes to diy projects ! ! This is my new favourite paint haha. You have inspired me, love your gorgeous handles too , looks fab !

  11. Great, and it's so fast! Plus, the fresh white made it really chic! :) My "DIY mood" is back as well - I went to my favourite vintage shop (I don't know if you have the same small, messed up stores where you can get lost for hours and hours like this, but I prefer those instead of auction houses or the internet) and I bought there a small drawer. I have ̶a̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶n̶ no idea what I want to do with it... The wood is a bit dark, but I still like the structure. On the other hand, I would also prefer to change it to something bright like you did. So, what to do if I want to keep both?


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