Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lunch out - The Boathouse - Palm Beach

We're coming up to 2 weeks of having the flu at home. We have all had it and have basically been housebound for the last fortnight.

On Friday I took the opportunity to get out of the house and meet Simon on his lunch break.
We popped into The Boathouse at Palm Beach. 

The place is in such a lovely location and we were lucky to beat the crowds. After 12pm there was not a spare seat in sight and the line to order was a long one.

My pea and ham soup was a fluro green but tasted delicious.
It was nice to get out and feel the sun and hopefully this week we will all have fully recovered.

How have you been?


  1. What absolutely gorgeous snaps Simone. Palm Beach is such a beautiful spot, we love heading there for a nice day trip. Sorry to hear the flu has hit your house too. We have all been sick for over a week now also, my poor 6 yar old is onto his second course of antibiotics for his ear infection. I also had a course of them for a sinus infection. it's a really tough virus to shake unfortunately.
    Hope you're all feeling 100% sooner than later, take care :) xoxo

  2. What a gorgeous place to have lunch, will have to remember this for my next visit over there :)

  3. Oh how I love that place. I hope you are all feeling better soon hun. we are into week two of snot and temps too :( xx


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