Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday's Favourites

I popped over to the H&M website for a little browse the other day and these lovely products caught my eye. 

Unfortunately H&M don't have an online store, so that may mean a trip to Melbourne might be a necessity ;)

1. Doormat
2. House shelf
3. Candles
4. Copper tray
5. Frog jumper
6. Love heart towel
7. Bow-tie hooks
8. Salad bowl
9. Cockatoo dishcloth
10. Tiger jumper
Which one is your favourite?
Have you been into H&M yet?
How was it?


  1. I love the candles Simone. I will be going to H&M when I get to Melbourne next.

  2. I love the door mat, copper tray and tea towel! Bring on the online option ASAP!!!!!

  3. Great finds! What a bummer, no online option. It was huge when they fiiiiinally went online in the states.


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