Saturday, June 21, 2014

5:2 Your Life - more than a diet, it's a way of living.

I think most people have heard of the 5:2 Diet. Where you eat normally for 5 days a week and fast for 2 days. But lately I have been hearing about a 5:2 mindset that reaches beyond food and can create a balance with your lifestyle.

I recently read an article in a magazine about it and something struck a chord. Usually I'm an all or nothing person but the 5:2 lifestyle sounded quite calm and manageable and only takes 2 days a week.

Here are some tips from Kate Harrison, author of 5:2 Your Life.

A messy home can mess with your head, but don't get overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through clutter.  Each weekend, choose one task to complete, beginning with the most urgent. You might pay your bills, or clean out the pantry. Then the following weekend, tackle the next most important task - your home will shape up in no time!
Friends & Lovers
When we spend most of our time at work - and the rest of it feeling exhausted - it's easy to feel disconnected from pals, but fitting in catch ups with all your loved ones can be stressful in itself. So, twice a week, shoot a text or email to a handful of people you haven't caught up with in a while. It takes next to no time, and not only does your buddy get a kick out of receiving a random message, their response can make your day too.

Who doesn't need a holiday? Set aside some time twice a week to research ahead of your next adventure. Think about where you would love to go, activities you're dying to try and the type of day trips you're keen to experience. Planning your trip a bit at a time offers you a goal when you're feeling frustrated with the daily grind, and stops you being overwhelmed at trying to organise everything in one hit.

It can be tricky to unwind after a long day, but there are easy ways to relax and get a better night's sleep. Spend some time without technology before you head to bed - switch off your phone, and avoid the tv and computers - and when it's time to turn out the lights, leave your phone outside the room.

Facing up to the gym isn't always easy, so take small steps towards your fitness goals. Think about moving more - work more incidental exercise, like taking the stairs or walking the dog, into your life, and on two days a week, get off the bus a few stops earlier than usual and take a brisk stroll home. Any kind of movement is good for motivation and will boost your mood as well.

What do you think?
The ideas are pretty simplistic but sometimes you need it broken down for you. Slow and steady can be good. You can achieve the same goals without the stress and burnout.

I will definitely be taking some things on board, how about you?

You can find Kate Harrison's book - 5:2 Your life here

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