Monday, June 23, 2014


A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week in 2014

Noah - Sunday morning play sessions. I can't resist a baby in a Bonds Wondersuit. 
Jasper - still loving his twice a week Jujitsu lessons. 
His favourite bit is the game of bull rush at the end :)

Finn - backyard footy is the best until the ball lands in the pool. Still wearing shorts, tshirt and no shoes in winter. He just doesn't feel the cold.

Joining in with Jodi

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  1. Hi Simone,

    Where did you get the shelves in Noah's room that are between the windows? They look great and I have a similar space in my sons room where they would be a god send for his copious books.


    1. Hi Nyree, they are Ikea spice racks that we customised as they fit the space perfectly x

  2. It's pretty warm here too, t-shirt and shorts is the norm. Kids even rafted on the pool this week!


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