Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stills - the Mother's Day edition

1. Snuggles in bed with my boys on Mother's Day morning
2. Some craft for the table & a gift for my mum
3. Setting the table for lunch
4. Lightbox message
5. Mother's Day decorations
6. Nibbles before lunch
7. Gorgeous tulips
8. Naked chocolate sponge cake for dessert
9. Love you mum
10. Cousins having fun at the kids table
11. Party favours for the mums
12. One last cupcake. 

I hope your Mother's Day was a lovely one x


  1. What a fabulous day for you Simone. V x

    1. Thanks Vicki, it was a really lovely day x

  2. Quite simply …..gorgeous!! what a lovely day …my fav pic is definitely all feet in bed though x

    1. Mine too Kylie, the perfect way to start the morning x


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