Friday, March 14, 2014

Noah's morning at the Kindifarm.

We went to the organic markets this morning and browsed the usual stalls. But the place that really caught our eye was the kindifarm.

Noah was in heaven and although hesitant at first, it didn't take him long until he was running around patting all the animals and picking them up for a cuddle.

I've popped these pics up as this was one of those moments I want to remember x

Our little duckling was right at home with the ducks. They were definitely his favourite.
On a side note, how weird looking are guinea pigs?

How cute is the combination of a toddler and an animal? x 


  1. He is a natural! Looks like he is having so much fun with the animals. Can't get past those cheeks though :-)
    Daisy xo

    1. I know, those cheeks are just as chubby 2 years on! x


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