Monday, February 10, 2014

Cute ideas for Valentines Day

We love to celebrate Valentines Day around here. Nothing too over the top but a just a little something to say I love you. I always buy Simon and the boys a card and maybe a tiny chocolate.
 I love to celebrate love!

Here are a few ideas I like for Friday.

So simple but effective. I love how this icecream is shaped using a heart cutter.

heart shaped scones

a cute little Valentines Day manicure

heart shaped crayons for the littles

a cute jar of lollies or chocolates

I'd always be happy with some gorgeous flowers ;)

Are you planning anything for Valentines Day?

You can see all the links on my Pinterest Valentines Day board 


  1. I love these Valentine Day ideas so cute ... I might steal that heart shaped ice cream idea!
    My partner and I dont make a big fuss but breakfast in bed or dinner cooked for me, flowers and chocolates is always a winner. Any day of the year really ... it doesnt have to be Valentines Day :)

  2. I don't even like Valentine's Day but those heart shaped marshmallows looks sooooo delicious! x


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