Monday, January 13, 2014

Stills - the food edition!

Stills - the food edition.
We've been out and about this week plus having catch ups with family & friends. Healthy eating started today ;)

Hot dog at the Sydney Festival

Jaffle anyone?

Couldn't decide between the Pimms or the white wine Sangria, so I made both.
Dinner with the family.

Nibbles on a Sunday

Delicious lime, pineapple and coconut cake made by my sister in law

Breakfast at The Pantry with mum

There were also a whole lot of fruit and vegetables eaten this week but they didn't make the cut! ;)

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  1. Umm … suddenly I feel very, very hungry … love these shots :0)

  2. Im not so excited about my tuna mix on rice cakes for lunch now. That hot dog looks amazing…as does the raffle truck, and the cake and…all of it!!!

  3. okay it's Sunday night here & that hot dog is looking SO good -- what is on top of it? And what is a Jaffle? This is a beautiful post!Veggies are overrated :)

  4. That is one serious looking hotdog! You take such beautiful photos Iv been enjoying them on Instagram too :)


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