Friday, January 17, 2014

More things for Back to School.

I'm still getting organised with the last bits n pieces for back to school.
I couldn't resist these personalised lunchboxes and backpacks from Stuck on You.
Even though Noah won't be starting kindy til later in the year I always pack him a lunchbox if we're out  and about.
I chose this superhero one as it was super cute!

Packed with his favourite Jarlsberg cheese and pita crackers!
Sophisticated taste and he's not even 2 :)

For Jasper I chose a simple style with just his name, no picture. As the only Jasper in his year at school, this should make it easy for him to keep track of his lunchbox!

I also chose the matching bag, in navy to hide the dirt!

Lots of room for books, lunch boxes, pencil cases etc.

Noah got a matching backpack too. He's using it this weekend as we're going away. Packed with all his essentials.

So cute! 

I've always used Stuck on You for their labels but I'm loving these lunchboxes and bags. The shipping was quick too.

Have you tried them?

You can see more of their range here


  1. I love that pic of little Noah with his backpack! I discovered Stuck on You last year. Even though I don't have kids of my own, I ordered a custom name puzzle for my 2yo goddaughter and she loves it! Definitely bookmarking for future use :-)
    Daisy xo

  2. These look great Simone. How is the quality? I need a new bag for Ruby this year, but don't want it too big and bulky for her. Can you see this lasting out the year, and beyond? xo

    1. The quality is great Milina, they have been stuffed to the brim and are holding up well. It is the perfect size, not too big or bulky. My boys are pretty tough on their bags but I can see it lasting for quite a while x


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