Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fresh ideas around the home - thank you Pinterest!

As we spend a lot of time at home during the holidays, I tend to think of new ideas to use around the house. 

I've now got the Pinterest app on my phone and find myself browsing the site a little more in my free time.

We want to grab some lights to string up outside. I love these clear bulbs the best.

I'm not doing anything with my bathrooms, I just loved this pic of b&w tiles. So fresh with the white and still quite classic so it wouldn't date.

There is something about the start of the year that makes me want to clear out and my cupboards and reorganise them. 
I love this basket idea.

Simple but effective, I will be doing this with some of my utensils. 

A new year, a new vignette on the shelves. This is so lovely.

More organising ideas. I wish I had this pantry space!

Most of our meals these holidays have been quick, simple affairs. I must give this one a go.
One pot pasta.

I'm starting to think of ideas for when I change Noah's room around and he moves from a cot to a bed. 
Love the colours in this room.

I adore this entrance way. I need to replace my flower pots as my flowers died as they got left out in the sun. I love the variety in each pot. I also love the lights. We really need some new lights and these would be perfect.

How about you? Are you inspired to change things around in the new year?

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  1. Love those flowers! Gorgeous. And the greens in the little boy's room are lovely. I think green is an under-utilised colour for kids' rooms! The one pot pasta looks delicious.

  2. Oh love those bulb lights too! Have been looking for a while and there are some options on eBay but I think Freedom might be stocking them?

  3. Great ideas! Love the paint dipped utensils. Awesome.


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