Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to school bits n pieces + a Giveaway!

As we are about to sneak in another trip away before the kids go back to school I thought I had better be organised and do the "Back to School" shopping before we go.

Target offered me the opportunity to  pop down and pick out some pieces for the boys from their Back to School range. It was so great to go to one shop and pick up everything I needed. 

Here is what I chose for the boys-

A new lunchbox and drink bottle for Finn. These ones were nice and bright so they won't be left in the playground and the lunch box is super roomy and sturdy so food won't be squashed.

Also I couldn't resist the heart shaped sandwich cutter.
Even 11 year olds can eat heart shaped sandwiches, although they might need 2 or more ;)

 Jasper needed new school shoes and sneakers. He gives his shoes a work out, so they needed to be comfy and durable to stand up to all of that playing! We still haven't mastered our shoe laces yet so these velcro ones are perfect.

Oodles of fresh white socks were a must. You can never have enough. I picked up a 10 pack!

The brighter the better for sneakers around here. 
We loved this colour combo! 
And I love those hairy little legs! :)

I remember loving getting fresh pencils and stationery for the new school year and the boys are the same. 
A new pencil case, highlighters, pencils, erasers,(love the Ninja turtles & Spiderman ones) scissors, sharpener, glue stick and a ruler. And some contact for those books I will be covering!

Jasper got a new lunchbox and drink bottle too. I also got another sandwich cutter in the shape of a train. 

Noah liked this one too and it will be in his lunchbox when he starts kindy later this year. I'm kinda obsessed with these cutters and I'm going to go back and get the star and cloud too.

I've also got 1 x $50 Gift voucher for one of my readers to spend on Back to School stuff or anything else you may need from Target.
Just leave a comment below if you would like to be in the running to win it.
I will draw the winner on Friday.

So are you organised for the new school year yet?


The competition has now closed and Virginia Mason has won the $50 Target voucher.
Thanks so much to everyone that entered x

Disclosure - Target offered me the chance to shop for some of their products for the boys in readiness for going back to school. I wasn't paid for this review. All photos and opinions my own.


  1. Love the sandwich cutters! Such a fun thing for kids.

  2. They have such a great fun range of stuff : )

  3. wow you chose some cute things! what a treat it would be to win!

  4. Must pop down soon to Target, I promised myself I was going to be organised this year!

  5. LOVE the heart shaped sandwich cutter! Would love to even sneak that one into my husband's lunchbox! Oh to see the looks on the other wharfie's faces when he pulls that one out!

  6. I would love to win this :)
    alaine74014 at gmail dot com

  7. Ive seen those cutters too the other day - so cute.

  8. ahhh fresh stationery at the start of a school year- or anytime of the year! Nothing better!

  9. This would be great to get things ready for kids!

  10. My daughter starts preschool this year and I'm in total denial so have not bought a thing!

  11. This would be great for my little one who starts day care!

  12. Those school shoes look comfy.. I am going to look at those for my Hazzle.. I have been told that boys are nutty on school shoes x

  13. Sadly this is my very last "back to school" purchases for my 'big girl' she has just entered year 12 so this is it...the big one!!! However we still need lots of goodies, and their range looks fab we will definitely be heading down over the next few weeks to have a look and a voucher to help out would be much appreciated - thanks for the opportunity to get some extra spending money!

  14. Target has oodles of awesome stuff for back to school - loving the shape cutters that are there (so well priced) and super hero erasers (it is little things like this that just makes learning more fun!). We would enjoy shopping for new sports uniforms from Target if we were lucky to win.

    1. Hi Virginia, you were selected by the random organiser to win the $50 Target voucher! Congratulations! If you can send me an email at honeyandfizz@hotmail.com with your postal address, I can arrange for your voucher to be sent out x

  15. I LOVE Target - I shop there a lot. I'm always really organised. For some strange reason I've always loved stationery shopping - lol :)

  16. I would love to win this voucher, my husband lost his job just before Christmas and any extra help with finances for school expenses would be very much appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  17. My kid starts preschool this year! Yikes! Would love to be in the drawing for te voucher to get my hands on those lunch boxes! Thanks!

  18. I would love to buy velcro school shoes for my son & nice lunch box of his choice - thanks for the opportunity..

  19. Ooh love those cutters. I would love to win a gift card with all 3 of mine at school this year it cost some money to get them started.

  20. Don't you just love back to school stuff. It's so fresh and clean and helps give a fresh start to a new year. And you have got to love Target, everything you could need!

  21. What would we do without Target?!

  22. I LURVE the sandwich cutters - I too am a sandwich shape kinda person :)))) And those hairy legs a little bit cute :)
    I desperately need to stock up on white socks for my kids and am on the hunt for a lunchbox for a teenager - apparently Disney themes aren't so cool when you're 15 - who would've thought?? Haaa. But that SMASH box may be a winner!!!!
    Claire x

  23. This is my first year of 'back to school' and I haven't even started yet! I really should get on top of things. :)

  24. Those colourful joggers are awesome as are the sandwich cutters. A much better idea than my plastic cookie cutter shapes for cutting through a few layers of bread!

  25. I love those sandwich cutters. I've been looking for them for ages. The ones I've seen cost an arm and a leg. Looks like I gotta stop by at target again this weekend to hunt for those cutters. Did you find them near the back to school section or the kitchen one?

  26. Ooh I hope I'm not too late.
    Need to head down to Target straight away. We need to add a cloud to our collection!
    Shaped sandwiches are 100% tastier than a piece of bread cut in half.

  27. Love the sandwich cutters great idea
    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au


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