Friday, December 20, 2013

Salads & Sides - Christmas Menu ideas

It's about now that I usually pull out my cookbooks and have a browse on Pinterest to find some new ideas for sides + salads to have at Christmas lunch.

It's nice to try something new along with the old favourites.
Here are a few recipes that look pretty delicious-

Parmesan, garlic grilled corn

I always like to have a few choices for everyone.
We host Christmas every 3 years so it gives me lots of time to think of ideas.

Here is a pic of our lunch buffet a couple of years ago.
I think we had about 20 people that year.

Simon's parents are hosting this year so I don't have to do too much. I'm bringing some dessert and think I'll go with the classic Pavlova & maybe a Champagne berry jelly. 

Here is our dessert buffet from the same year.
Lots of choice!

Are you hosting Christmas Day this year?

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