Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Weekend.

We had a lovely lazy weekend. I'm really enjoying the lack of organised sports for the kids in the mornings! 

This was one of our last weekends that we didn't have much on, as you know how the social events ramp up towards the end of the year.

So here are a few snaps of our weekend.

Lazy mornings mean bubbles in the backyard in your pj's.

I got a chance to finish my book. I read Crazy Rich Asians which was a good light read.

This little one wants to help with everything. He always runs around barefoot and I had to laugh at how filthy his feet were!

We went for a walk along the beach.

Stopped for a Frozen Yoghurt.

And witnessed a marriage proposal. It was so sweet. 
I'm such a romantic :)

(Simon took this pic and even though it looks quite close up I swear he wasn't intruding! Haha! )

How was your weekend?
I hope it was a fantastic one x


  1. The marriage proposal photo made me tear up! How gorgeous!

    1. I know, there were quite a few watery eyes around! xx

  2. Oh, what a fabulous weekend! I love that you were able to witness a marriage proposal. Full of such wonder and hope! xx

  3. Yum, that Fro Yo looks GOOOOOD!
    How sweet to see a marriage proposal live. Beautiful.
    Claire x

    1. It is too delicious Claire! Really have to stop myself from having it more often :) Yes it was so sweet, I felt a bit silly tearing up! xx


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