Sunday, August 11, 2013

This week.......

This week......

I went to the Horses Birthday Fete which was held at The School for a little browse around the stalls.

I just had to buy this glittery horse shoe. 
It was calling my name :)

I bought a ticket to this Kinfolk event. I love the magazine and thought it would be fun to go.
I was inspired by this bench I saw on Anna Spiro's Instagram feed. I've got my own bench I think I'm going to paint pink. Taubman's Roseberry Rose to be exact!

Finn turned 11 this week and Noah loved playing with the balloons. Hours of fun.
We still have a skateboarding party for 30 (!!) to come this afternoon .

I was inspired by Em's baby room tour to buy my own golden bee stickers. Not for a baby but for myself! 
I can see them around my desk :)

And we had a few of us down sick this week. All on different days. I felt quite fluey for a day or so too. A bit of rest always helps.

Also I signed up to Michelle Bridges 12wbt. I start on Monday.
I'm looking forward to it. I've heard some great things if you commit to it.

So that's been my week so far. How has your's been?


  1. hooley dooley 30 kids!!!! Good luck!
    We do the birthday balloons for each kid on their special day - it has become a much loved tradition. Hope you are all well soon!

  2. I love everything about this post, Simone! And happy birthday to your biggest boy - what a handsome soul he is. I have been looking for a bench seat forEVER and still can't find anything I like - or rather for the right price! But when I do - I will have to keep the pink in mind, just lovely. I hope you have a much healthier home this week and have recovered from so many 11 year olds in your home! ha xx

  3. Simone i couldn't recommend 12wbt more! i lost 7kgs in round 4 last year & have kept 6 of it off! I am terrible at sticking to things so i promised myself id stick to it for 4 weeks & see if i got the results (which i did) & then found that it actually wasn't hard at all - i did all my exercise outdoors which was nice to get the fresh air too. the food is really good as well - i was a bit hungry at first after dinner but you get used to it & its well worth the pain!
    Sal x

  4. Good luck with your 12wbt, perfect time to start now the weather is warming up. It will go so quick and breeze through it i'm sure;) x

  5. I love the glittery horseshoe I am going to try and find a horseshoe on my fathers farm and put some glitter on it

  6. I was looking at past posts and comments on my blog and found you. Just added you to my blog roll so I can keep up, such a lovely blog and beautiful family. Check back with you later. Wishing you and your boys a wonderful weekend. Heidi


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