Saturday, August 24, 2013

Things I'm loving this week.

Here are some of the things I am loving this week

I adore these pots from Pop & Scott - you can find them at Hunt and Bow

How pretty are they?!.

Do you have late night online shopping sprees when you can't sleep?
I do and here is something that I ordered that turned up yesterday.

6 gorgeous rings. I love them all! They are from the Etsy shop Letters Earring.

I'm getting some of my Instagram pics printed into these cute polaroids by Origrami. Can't wait to see them.
I'm also loving the look of the new Whole Pantry app. 
I'm following them on Instagram and love their images and recipes. I haven't tried them out yet as I'm still doing 12wbt but they seem delicious and super healthy.
The pink love continues at home with my new little stool/side table. From here. Although I got mine on sale. The price seems to have gone up.

Also here is the bench I painted in Taubmans Roseberry Rose. It makes me happy everytime I walk past!

In other news at home, things have been quiet as we were all sick for 2 weeks(!) The nastiest flu we've had for a while and we all had a turn :( 

Finn got a new trampoline for his birthday and the boys are loving it. Every afternoon they are out there bouncing away. I hope the novelty stays a while!

I'm updating Noah's baby book. I'm only a year behind with the photos! Noah is talking up a storm and has the sweetest voice. We all swoon when he speaks and are back into those "games" of asking "Noah where are your eyes, nose, mouth?" etc and clapping madly when he gets them right :)

How have you been lately?


  1. Hi Simone, so pleased to hear you love the pots! Made my day. Thanks for including them Ax

  2. I'm liking these posts of yours Simone! That pink bench lots HOT!

    Sophie xo

  3. Im loving the 2 toned pots, I spotted some in Freedom this weekend, cant wait to update my patio for the summer :) Love the pink bench and stool, great colour choice!


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