Saturday, June 29, 2013


To me, cold + winter = Soup.
I have had plans of making up a big pot of soup and having it simmering away on the stove, delicious smells wafting through the air.

It hasn't happened. 

Besides myself, no one here is really a big soup fan. 
So I've been pinning Soup recipes and planning on making soup. Whether I do it or not is anybody's guess!

What is your favourite type of soup?

You can have a look at the soups I pinned & the recipes here


  1. I LOVE soup. Not only in winter. I like anything with corn and think your soup looks superdelicious. I also have a Pinterest board with recipes I found there and plan to try. You can find it here:
    Jule from inside9B

  2. Oh YUM! This is definitely one of my favourites! I've been giving my slow cooker a run for its money lately with soup simmering away in there! Nothing beats the smell of a delicious country chicken and veggie soup simmering away for hours...

    Sophie xo

  3. I'm a soup girl too! Nothing better than some pumpkin or minestrone soup! I think I need to learn to make smaller portions though so we actually eat it all! It is hard to get boys to like soup sometimes - they need meals to fill their hollow legs! Soup only for dinner is just not an option with my husband! X

  4. Oh, we LOVE soup! And we have it EVERY Friday night. Yes. Even in summer! Our favourite here is minestrone, potato and leek, or thai pumpkin with noodles. On a very special night, I will make chicken and corn (that always goes down a treat).

    If you keep persisting, the rest of your family will love it as much as you do! xxx


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